Welcome to my first blog and a Happy New Year to everyone! My new website is now up and running!

Over the coming months (and years!), I will be working full time on my nature photography. On this blog, I will provide information on what I have been up to and show some of the images I have made.

For my first blog, I would like to share a few of my favorite images from the last year with you.

Badger Cub

One of the first projects I worked on in 2010 was with Badgers at two local setts. I was very fortunate that the cubs at both of these setts were active during daylight. At one of the setts, one of the cubs was not only out and about from late afternoon onwards, but the cub was incredibly tolerant of my presence. This was so much so, that on one occassion, the cub stuck its nose inside the hood on my camera lens and left a wet mess on its inside.

Badger Cub


Over the Summer, I spent several months at three different locations photographing Kingfishers. I first worked in the grounds of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Headquarters where Kingfishers could be seen from the Trust’s viewing platforms that overlook the River Trent. I then spent time on another river, firstly at a friend’s site then at a second site I developed myself. It was at this site that I developed myself that I spent most of my time, over two months, and which proved to be by far the most productive of the three sites. After setting up a few perches and a hide, the Kingfishers would appear. Sometimes I barely had time to get into the hide before they would appear and on one occassion had to watch with my camera on my lap as a Kingfisher arrived on the perch. I spent many hours in the hide watching the Kingfishers fish in the river in front of my hide and hope to return to them later this year.


Red Deer                        

The annual Red Deer Rut is one of the highlights of the British wildlife year. I am fortunate to live within an hour of Bradgate Deer Park which is situated in The National Forest. Bradgate is one of the best locations in Britain to watch and photograph the Red Deer Rut. I have been going to Bradgate for several years and although this year’s rut was not the best I have photographed, I managed to come away on one visit with one of my favorite images from the Rut. In one part of  Bradgate, the late afternoon sun creates pools of light between the trees where the Red Deer gather before crossing a stream to feed in the evening. It was in one of these pools of light that a Red Deer Hind paused just long enough to photograph.


Short Eared Owl  

Each year, Short Eared Owls over-winter at various sites around Britain. This year I spent time photographing Short Eared Owls at two different sites. At one of these sites, there was one particular Owl that paid no notice to the presence of humans whatsoever and would happily fly within 10 metres of where I stood.

There are more images from these and other projects on my website.        

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  1. Helen Cottam says:

    Some beautiful photographs, looking forward to seeing those elusive Staffordshire barn owls on your website!!

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