It’s been over a month since my website went live and my first post! During this time I have been working on several projects, including photographing woodland birds at a feeding station that I set up in the wood next to my home. 

I set the feeding station up just inside the southern edge of the wood. This meant that when I set my hide up facing north towards the feeding station, the sun was behind the hide, and the feeding station received light, from early morning to late afternoon. This gave me the maximum time for photography each day. I left the feeding station for a week before setting up the hide and starting photographing the various birds that visited the feeders. The feeding station was visited by the local woodland birds including Robins, Nuthatches, Long Tailed Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Coal Tits.

By changing the perches that I set up around the feeders and photographing in different light, I was able to make different images of the birds that visited the feeders.

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  1. Justin Minns says:

    Great shots, have you got any wider shots showing the whole set up?

    • Andrew Mason says:

      Hi Justin

      Thanks for the comments on the images. Unfortunately, I do not have any wide shots showing the feeding station set up. It was a fairly simple arrangement using a canvas hide and feeders to attract the birds to the site. I used a few different perches with holes cut into them for food. I am looking for another site and will hopefully have another go over the coming months.

      Best wishes


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