The emergence of snowdrops from their yearly slumber, is one of the first signs that winter is losing it’s grip on the landscape and spring is approaching. With this years winter getting of to an unusually harsh start and then descending into a damp gloom, the sight of carpets of Snowdrops in the countryside near my home was more than welcome.

Whilst I have photographed Snowdrops many times before, this year I wanted to try something a little different. I therfore opted to photograph using as large an aperture as possible to minimise depth of focus in the images. My aim was to create a softer, more impressionistic approach and feel to the images, as opposed to a more biological record of the Snowdrops.

I also worked on isolating individual Snowdrops whilst still using this more impressionistic approach.

All images were made with a Nikon D3X and Nikon 105 VR Macro Lens. A beanbag was used for support, with the shutter being operated by cable release. A diffuser was placed over the Snowdrops to soften the natural light falling on them. All images have been processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.           

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