I have to admit to having a bit of an on/off – love/hate relation with my local Brown Hares. I am fortunate that there is a good population of Hares where I live though their numbers are down a little this year after the last cold winter. I frequently see them in the fields near home and have been fortunate to even watch them from my kitchen window. Their mad antics, as they chase each round the fields and the females box the males away, never fails to bring a smile to my face.

But try to photograph them and the relationship suddenly takes a turn for the worse. No matter what approach I take and tactics I use, it all goes horribly wrong. Just as they are within range to photograph, something always happens and they’re off. They have also caused the demise of a camera, one Nikon went flying though the air to land on tarmac went I opened my camera bag whilst trying to photograph them.

However, the other evening this all changed. After crawling uphill across a field, I was almost within range of a pair of Hares who were munching away on the grass oblivious to my presence. I just had to edge forward and clear the long grass to get a clear view of the Hares when it all went horribly wrong again! On her way home from work, my wife Jill had spotted me in the field and had decided to say hello by blasting her car horn as she drove past. At the sound of the horn the Hare bolted upright in alert, allowing me to make a couple of “mushy” images through the grass, and then legged it.

It’s a funny thing that male and female Hares are known as Jack and….Jill. Maybe there’s a moral here somewhere that I’m missing?


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  1. RobM says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Entertaining post; I feel your pain! :) I too was in a similar situation with ‘my’ local Hares until I discovered the secret (for the local Hares anyway): get there and set up under the cover of darkness. I had a couple of weeks of early mornings getting up at stupid o’clock at the start of May and had some fantastic sessions managing to get shots of them boxing etc. I’ve stopped now because I don’t fancy getting up even earlier than I was doing last month!

    All the best,

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