This spring, I spent several days making images of the wild flowers that can be found in the fields near to my home. I am fortunate that there is a wide variety of wild flowers that can be found so close and in most cases within walking distance!

Most of the images were made on bright overcast days. With the clouds acting as a giant diffuser, the images are evenly lit without any deep shadows.

By utilising the soft light and limiting the depth of focus, the images have a softer more ethereal feel.

I also looked for differnt natural backgrounds to photograph the wild flowers against. In this image, the white of the flowers contrasts with the background in deep shade. 

One of the tendencies in nature photography is to focus on so called “blue chip” subjects that can be found in more exotic locations. Quite often the natural beauty that exists on our own door step is overlooked in the pursuit of the exotic. How many times have we all missed the photographic potential of the common buttercups that carpet our local fields each spring?

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